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Question: Is there enough interest to rent a beach house on surfside

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As some know i am looking to move, off surfside beach. I need a little more room and I need to be closer to my new job(hopefully), and i need some advice, as to what to do with my current property.
I live in a 1 bedroom, 1 bath house on surfside beach. It is a beautiful house with great amenities, all top shelf, granite countertops, kitchen aid, stainless steel appliances, slate floors, you name it, its got it. This house was built from ground floor up new in 2004. so everything works great and it also survived IKE just fine, a little shingle damage and lost my shed downstairs , other than that nothing. Here is the question is there enough interest on this board, to rent my house for the entire year. i would of coarse say rent from friday to friday, week rental. i would not split weekend to week rates, i would also not charge more for holidays or weekends. so basically, it would be 7 day rents and if you use it the entire time great if not no big deal. shoot me some ideas i am trying to keep this in the family if i can, if not it is for sale for $149,900. and i think at that price is a great price.
i would love to hear some of your ideas on rental.
for instance, if 16 families paid 1000 a year, you could divide 52 weeks and share it . i dont know i am just needing some ideas ,
thanks in advance.
by the way its now a 3rd row house with a great view of the water.
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dont worry i work in freeport, clute lake jackson area, and i would still make it to the beach once a day for reports. thanks ..
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