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Question for you fiberglass folks

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How hard is it to lay a coat of glass matt on a flat surface and get a decent finish.

I am building a bird house out if 1" thick foam insulation. I would like to cover this in glass and have a relatively nice smooth surface. It is all flat work and of course 90 degree corners. Im thinking the inside just needs to be painted with resin.This house is 31" x 26" x10",single story with a gable roof. No bathroom or kithchen all bedrooms.........rotflmao

I'm a pretty handy DIY'er so if I do it ,,,send the tips ASAP

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You will have to round the corners to get good adhesion and looks. Other than that its not difficult. Put some resin on the surface. Lay out the cloth. Use a hard plastic spatula or straightedge to wet out the cloth. Let dry. Use a high build primer to help fill in the weave pattern in the cloth and paint.
At least 1/4" to help it lay flat around the corner and not pinch when the resin is drying. High build primer just lays out thicker. It does what 2-3 coats of regular primer will do. Either primer will do just fine. Just take a little more time before the final paint job with regular primer.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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