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Think about it this way. On the Memorial Day Trip I used a Saltiga 6000Z which has over 40# of drag available and was rigged with 80# spectra. When the drag was set McGolfer said to go to 15# which is a good bit of drag but is only 20% of the breaking strength.

Why use 80# spectra and only 15# of drag, when you can use 50# spectra and 15# of drag? Answer: the diameter of 80# spectra is much easier to work with when you are tying your knots and for abrasion resistance. I did loose a 50# YFT the 3rd time it charged under the boat the spectra broke.

Will 50# spectra work and work well...YES! Should you go with 65# or 80# solid...probably but it is not NECESSARY.

BTW I am respooling my Avet JX with 80# from 50#.
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