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Question for POC offshore regulars

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Three times now I have seen a boat offshore that bothers me. I made it a point to get its numbers this time, but they weren't quite close enough for me to read them. Its an older greyish brown low-sided bay style boat, that looks to have the same crew each time (4 asian descent men). Each time I have seen them, they have been at the same platform and are secretive about what the are bringing on board. Not sure if they are poaching or just trying to keep us from "potlicking"..hehe. I don't want to radio them in if they are law abiders and just "shy." This time we were tied up to their platform, they just trolled around at a good distance until we left. Anybody know these guys?
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OffshoreAggie said:
He he....not sure I would go that far, but when we saw them last week, they were on the platform for at least an hour, bringing in fish constantly and I never saw one throw back
Making the assumtion that whatever is going on isn't kosher, I put my money on rec-mmercial fishing.
OK terrorist may have been a little overboard. They might just be trying to hide there seceret spot to keep everyone from seeing they are pulling in huge sow snappers...Maybe they have a special lure that no one else has and they don't anyone seeing it...OK...I give up. I'm gonna go back to the terrorist idea. PM me with the TX numbers and I'll call it in. LOL
One of my asian customers would rather catch trash fish around the rigs than catch snapper. If you aren't actually seeing them break the law, and don't want to radio them, they why let it bother you?
If it is a concern, just call them on the radio and ask what they're catching. If they don't respond motor up to them and ask them a bogus question or something. That should get you close enough to satisfy your curiosity.

my .02
check that, i can not remember if it was a trans sport or a hanie.
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