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Question for Electricians

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My sister-in-law had a tree clip her house in Spring during the storm. In doing so it ripped the electrical box off the side of her house. Today she got a repair quote for $3654. This included a new 200amp level 2 breaker box, new fuses, new centerpoint box, wiring it up and lifetime warranty. Is that reasonable for the area? It's a little steep to me, but I live in Wharton. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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That sounds steep but what I would be more worried about, is the quality of the work, and whether the electrician is even licensed to do the work. Remember that there are going to be a lot of con artists out there preying on the unfortunate.

If the contractor did infact use the term "fuses" and "center point box"...that should raise a red flag. Get references. Good luck and prayers to your SIL.

Added: there use to be an electrical contractor on this board from the H-town area. Mr. Mudbug III. Try pm'ing him
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