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it's kinda 'learn on yer own' around here....at least, i think the texas tarpon fanatics are a pretty tight-lipped bunch. and i don't blame them....with all of the boat traffic spooking the fish, i plan to look in obvious, but not-so-crowded locations, just outside the passes, about 30-50ft of water, on super calm days.

did you catch any on a fly rod, while living in fla.? there are a few species i plan to target with my 10wt., given the chance, but i don't know if i should even hope to get a tarpon on fly here in texas, that might be a bit ambitious....

with my wife going through chemotherapy right now, my hewes and i haven't seen the water in 2 months :[

but that is the way life goes, and i am glad to be here at home for her....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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