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HAs anybody tried these little bugers under a cork.
I have fished with them twice and had no luck, but I'm pretty sure it was due to
my inexperience , poor water conditions at the time and probably the way I had it rigged.
I have heard good things about this bait but how are they bieng rigged to be most effective.



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Black Saltys

Hey Larry,
I havent tried them yet but if I can get some in the morning I will try them with a popping cork for trout in the surf. I plan to take my boat to Freeport and try the jetties there and maybe the 3rd gut in the surf.Ley me know if you plan to go fishing tomorrow.
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I used them last fall fishing them on the bottom for flounder. They worked OK for me.
Maybe you could try freelining them.

Hmmm...in the surf? How are you gonna keep them alive? Walk back to the truck each time? They have to be keopt in fresh water.

Good luck if you go.
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