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Why knot?
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Just passing this along in case there are some here that are not aware of it. I routinely use one of these products when I make chili dogs. Had two cans of it in the pantry that I have to throw out. I probably consumed about a can of this stuff every week or so for the past year since I lost my job due to health issues, kinda' spooky. There was a previous recall that only covered specific dates but that has been expanded to cover all expiration dates.



Expanded Voluntary Product Recall Information - 7/21/07

Castleberry's Food Company is expanding our voluntary recall to additional products. If you had previously determined your Castleberry's products were not included in the recall announced on July 18, you should check them again using the updated information below.

Castleberry's is working closely with health officials to investigate possible contamination of these products. During this investigation, we are taking every step necessary to ensure the safety of the families that use our products every day.

The expanded recall includes the products listed below with ALL "best by" and code dates. (The recall originally announced on July 18 affected only 10 products with "best by" dates from APR30 2009 through MAY22 2009)

The Great Value Chili products included in this recall are distributed and sold in Canada ONLY. The Great Value brand in the United States is not associated with Castleberry's or this recall. We greatly apologize for any confusion.

You can also review our frequently asked questions page and the news release for additional information.
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