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I dont know that I have ever caught a shark but I want to...seems odd out of all the years I have fished trinity, baffin and chandeleur that I have never hooked up with one...I would like to take my son out to catch one at the beach...but when i do i want to be able to cook the sucker up....do you have to bleed it out? anyone got some tips?
also what kind of gear for the common beach sharks should I get for the occassional shark trip? I mostly fish for reds and trout but would like to do this also. Thanks in advance

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Hey 4x4tx, here's a pretty cool link on how to clean a shark, I use this method except I keep the head and tail intact for the Game Warden. I heard just as long as the main piece is over 24" then you can remove head & tail w/out being at your final destination. Like I said "I don't take any chances" so I keep it from head to tail.

You have to bleed out the shark b/c a sharks blood contains urea(used to maintain the sharks body fluids), as a shark dies the urea turns into ammonia which really makes the meat smell like pee, so get all blood and bloodlines out and keep it packed w/ ice till you get home. hope this helps.....

BTW, I keep a shark for big bbq occasions, I usually practice CPR (catch,photograph & release)

Good luck, Rodney http://www.fishingkites.co.nz/articles/articlefive.htm
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