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propeller information

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I have a 70 hp johnson motor with an aluminum propeller. The propeller is stamped 13 x 19. I have someone that wants to sell me a prop that is stainless steel the size is 13 x 17. Both are 3 blades. Will the stainless one work?
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It will work but you will see an extra 300 plus rpm's on WOT which could spell problems....
ok, Thanks for the information
You also need to check and make sure the hub has 13 splines. A hub splined for other than omc won't fit. However there are some exceptions to this and the prop can always be rehubbed. Check with Bauman's Propeller for cost on that.
The stainless blades will not flex as much as the aluminum blades, therefore you will not see a dramatic change in your RPMs. As long as you run that motor at 5800 or less you will fine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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