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Prop Hub Problems w/ 25 Suzuki?

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Has any had any problems with their prop hubs spinning on 25 zuk 2-stroke? I'm on my third one and it is really starting to **** me off. Two power techs and one Suzuki prop. Too much torque?
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I have had an '93 used Suzuki 25 HP for 6 years now, mainly used for duck hunting and it has been to heck and back. Spun the hub this year for the first time (prop that came on the motor), I replaced it with one of those Vortex exchangeable hub insert props so if it hppens again all I have to buy is a ~$40 insert.
This is a 96 model with quite a bit of engine work. Nothing serious, just runs very well on my 15 42 with cmc. I just can't figure out why I keep spinning hubs.
What size and pitch are you running? RPM's too high or low you think?
Right now I'm with a 16 pitch, but it ran better when I had an 18 with a cup on it. I'm going to go back to that I think. With the 16 trimmed out I'm in the neighborhood of about 5200
Talk to LouieB here on the board. If he can't help no one can!
If you're not hitting anything, and the motor has through hub exhaust, too high exhaust gas temperatures is usually the cause of hub failures. High exhaust temps are caused by motors jetted to run very lean, or by dirty carbs with jets partially blocked. Neither condition is good for the longevity of the motor. Might be time to run some QuickClean or similar through the motor, or teardown and rebuild the carbs. BillS
Thanks Bill for the info, but engine is in tip top shape. I always make sure of that. I never thought about exhaust gases though.
Hard to tell without a tach. 16 or 18 pitch sounds a little high, Have you ever tached it?
yes this is a hot engine. Its not 25 hp. It runs like a 40 or better. I'm convinced that the hub just can't handle the torque
Just had a problem we fixed with a friends motor real similar to this, he kept spinning hubs on his 90 V4 OMC. Found out he had the wrong spacer/thrust washer behind the prop. As near as we can tell, the splines in the hub were taking all the load versus the back face of the prop transferring load from the prop to the shaft via the taper the spacer bears against. Put the right spacer in, and no more problems.
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