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Process question..

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Thanks to wingshooter, I'll finally be rebuilding some old rods. I know what I want to do, but I am not sure of the steps.

My plan is to completely strip the rods down to bare bones. I would like to put a split grip with EVA foam and a fairly simple diamond crosswrap. What are the steps to the split grip? Also, if I'm going to use the thread gimbles(?), when do these go on in the process? I plan to marble the area between the grips. Here is what I am thinking, please tell me if you know a different way:

1. Apply butt section of foam.
2. Mark the end of area to marble and marble the area.
3. Slide on thread thingys
4. Apply upper section of foam
5. Reel seat.
6. Foregrip
7. Butt wrap
8. Guides,etc..

Also, this rod will be a commemerative rod for my dad who passed away three years ago. I would like to use the best red and the best white to pay homage to his beloved cougars at U of H, even though I'm an Aggie.

Any comments are appreciated.
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You pretty much have it there. There's all kinds of ways to build a rod. I generally get all the gluing done first (except the butt cap so the blank still fits in my chuck). Layout the guides and wrap them on. I usually do all the cosmetic type of wraps/marbling after wrapping the guides. After all the coats of finish are applied, the last thing I do is glue the butt cap. Now, that's just the order I generally do things, you can certainly do them anyway you feel comfortable. I try and do things in sections, that's why I assemble the rod as I've described. Also, I try and not have to make excessive repeated mixes of glues and finish. If you glue one thing then move to something else like wrapping or marbling then you have to come back and mix glue again. I do that for attaching the cap but other than that I only make one mix of glue. If you already have your guides wrapped on then when you do your marbling you can use the same basic mix for both. Of course, you'll have some other containers for the marbling colors. Alot of times, I use foregrips to make the split grips (4" for the grip backwards and 2" for the butt and fore). I also use the black winding checks on each end of the split for a cleaner look to the foam. Not sure what your referring to the thread gimbals. In a nutshell, that's how I assemble and build that type of rod, just how I do it. Randy.
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Gudebrod scarlet and NCP white should work well for UH colors. Be sure to use CP on the red.
Conk, sounds like a great project! As Randy said, all kinds of ways to do it. When I do a thread weave in the split area, I sometimes do the weave first, apply finish to it, and then slide the grips/winding checks on. Rebuilding an old rod is a lot more work than using a new blank...just an FYI. If you need /want a UH decal, I might could help. Good luck w/ it, and keep us posted.

I thought about putting a decal somewhere, I just don't know where. If I end up doing it, I'll keep you in mind.

I know the "redoing" of an old rod will be a challenge, but I'm looking forward to it as I'm building again! You may remember me looking for some old Fenwick 903 blanks a while back. Well, I found 4 of them in my brothers garage! He had gotten them after my dad passed. I will be doing him one in Oiler colors for Christmas. Its a longstanding joke between us. I am looking forward to applying some of the things you guys have posted up to this rod. Thanks again for ya'lls input and I'll post of the pics when I finish the rod.
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