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Charter recommendations

I have chartered with James Howell twice. He will try hard to meet the customer expectations. Book him through Capt Elliott(look on the internet) - his boat is "Easy Come Easy Go" It handles Capt plus four comfortably. Pay an extra $100 if you want to take 5 people. I would recommend the 10 hr charter. If you want Amberjack and nice snapper it takes a lot of running. The extra 2 hours expands range and time on the chosen location.

I have not used Kyle (Riggrunners) but would look at his services as well. Several years ago at the end of snapper season my son and I talked to him while fueling up. He said he had been catching good red snapper and mangroves. Ask if we would like to follow his charter. (no he did not ask for $) We accepted. He put us on top of the fish, recommended and offered us jigs same as he was using. His party was having a great time whooping and squeeling while pulling in nice fish. Most posts only report unfriendly charter captains. Thought this was a good opportunity to say something positive about two Freeport charter services.

Bill S
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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