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Privacy Manager???? Those Kids Woke Me Up Again!!!!

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It's 1:30 in the morning and I am awake!!!!!!!!!! My husband has to get up at 4:30 and MY PHONE IS RINGING!!!! Anyone here have Privacy Manager?? I got tired of the late night calls from private numbers so I called and had it added a couple of days ago. I THOUGHT it would block those late night calls from unknown brats! So a call comes through, I return the call on the caller ID, a recorded message says the caller left a name!!! I thought it would STOP my phone from ringing at this hour!!! NOW WHAT???
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Turn off/unplug your phone at night........problem solved.
And tell your friends and loved ones to call you on the cell if there is an emergency.

Sounds like a plan !!!
Why be defensive, when you can go on the offensive...Had the same problem on a work pager a couple years ago...someone called three nights in a row at 1:30 looking for a "fix"...First 2 nights I politely asked them not to call my number. On the third night, I didn't call back immediately - I waited till I got up for work and called them at 4:30. Told them I get up this time every day, and would be happy to call them every morning if they didn't stop paging me - problem solved!

If you have a their number on caller ID, have your husband call at 4:30 when he gets up...don't be nasty, just say you saw they called and you thought there might be something they needed to discuss, and that if they insist on calling when your in bed, you will call them back when you get up...

Ok, I figured out the difference between privacy manager and anonymous call blocker. I guess I got the wrong service. I fixed it today and I don't think I will be having those problems again.

I did ask to speak to the parents...Of course they just hang up on me. I would call them back if I knew the number! Maybe now this won't happen again. I would sure like to slap some kids!!!
I with Kenny, just unplug your phone...................no late calls.
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