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State Trooper, Firefighter, and their sons among 8 killed in wreck


Texas DPS Trooper Avery worked this area, and worked off duty security at the Jack-In-The-Box restaurant where my daughter works. It was not unusual to see Avery doing his investigative paperwork on his lap-top while his son was doing his homework. Avery had previously worked for the Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office. His previous DPS partner, and S.O. partners were the ones working the wreck.

Firefighter Ringler worked for the City of Grapevine (which includes DFW Airport), and was a volunteer firefighter for the City of Brinker. It was his fellow Brinker firefighters who worked the wreck. Ringler also taught at the Texas A&M Univ-Commerce Fire Academy, his office was across the hall from mine.


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prayers sent

Any unexpected loss of a family member or friend is tragic. The loss those folks have gone through is tremendous. Couple that, with the fact he was a peace officer, and from what I had read, one of the good ones, we all feel the loss at least a little. My prayers go to his family, and to all of us, for this loss.
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