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Colossians 3
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Spiritual healing is the most important but sometimes physical healing is granted by God. (James Chapter 5)

After a full body CT exam, blood work, etc yesterday at Duke Univ Med Ctr, I met with the Doc this morning and he told me all is well 8 months after they removed my left kidney & tumor. Nothing abnormal showed up anywhere. His word when I asked how everything looked was "perfect".

The situation I was in was that I had a tumor on my left kidney, and it was the same size as the kidney. Surgery was over 6 hours, I had horseshoe shaped kidneys and they were connected by 2 arteries. They repaired a navel hernia as well at the same time. I have completely recovered now and I am so fortunate, so blessed...to have a clean bill of health.

Praise the Lord!
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