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practicing with a couple good freinds

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had a good time assuring the shot & making a few adjustments today with a couple good freinds. had my 1st chance at taking a squirrel that was just over 20 yards away & nailed it. here are a few pics. lets get this work week over i'm ready.


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hurry up archery season!!!

you aint the only one, cant really fish right now, so that makes the release finger that much more itchy..somethings goin to the freezer for sure
Squirrel season's open?...hmmm
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I won't be able to think about anything else this week.
Squirrel season

Oceola said:
Squirrel season's open?...hmmm
it is in some counties . . . . September 1 through August 31.
Nice shot!! Them boogers are really hard to hit. With fishing out of the questions for a couple of weeks, I took out my bow for the first time this weekend... Getting ready for hopefully a good year.
I sure hope you were NOT shooting at that target with that horse in the back!!!!!!!!!!
thanx guys, i hope it stay true when that time comes to put that buck down.

GT no he wasn't behind the target while we were shooting
LILMAN that info is there for your taking any time. i'm just glad to see you put a bow in your hands. have you been practicing? get that shot true & i'll get you on a deer or two.
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