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Power Inverters

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I drive a 97 Ford F-250 7.3L Diesel.

I've been thinking about getting a power inverter so that I can run corded power tools remotely (electric drill, reciprocating saw, & circular saw...individually, not all 3 going at once).

I'm thinking something in the 1,500+ watt range.

QUESTION: How fast would this drain my battery & which battery should I hook it up to if I decided to get one?
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volt x amp=watts

12 volt x12.5 amp =1500 watts

your truck is producing 60 am max so it is 60amp x12 volt =720 watts

you will draw 50% more than you are producing at full load.

if you burn your alternator it will cost you $400

a inverter with 1500 watt power is too expensive -

a battery should be charged no faster than 10amp or it will have a short life.

battery will last 30 minutes and at 10amp it takes 12plus hours to charge ..

buy a generator or rent one ..

I have a generator for sell 4000 watt new for $500
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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