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Power Inverters

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I drive a 97 Ford F-250 7.3L Diesel.

I've been thinking about getting a power inverter so that I can run corded power tools remotely (electric drill, reciprocating saw, & circular saw...individually, not all 3 going at once).

I'm thinking something in the 1,500+ watt range.

QUESTION: How fast would this drain my battery & which battery should I hook it up to if I decided to get one?
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boashna said:
volt x amp=watts
boashna said:

12 volt x12.5 amp =1500 watts (12 x 12.5 = 150 watts - you didn't buy into that Birk Economic Recovery Plan, did you?)

your truck is producing 60 am max so it is 60amp x12 volt =720 watts
(Stock alternator on a 7.3 produces 130 amps at a nominal voltage of 14.2, dual 115 amp alternators was an option)

130 x 14.2 = 1846 watts
230 x 14.2 = 3266 watts

you will draw 50% more than you are producing at full load.

if you burn your alternator it will cost you $400

a inverter with 1500 watt power is too expensive -

a battery should be charged no faster than 10amp or it will have a short life.

battery will last 30 minutes and at 10amp it takes 12plus hours to charge ..

buy a generator or rent one .. (a generator will require Woodrow to carry a separate supply of gasoline and he will have the risk of the generator being stolen. Inverters can be permanently mounted under the hood or in the truck and wired to an outlet in the bed)

I have a generator for sell 4000 watt new for $500
(was this your motivation for this gratuitous post?)

Bo, I know you are trying to get your post count up - and we love hearing your opinion - but what is your specific area of expertise in life? It doesn't take much effort to verify your facts.

Woodrow - if you have dual alternators you will have no problem with a 1500w unit, however, you may want to check the power draw on your tools. Some circular saws draw 1800 watts or more.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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