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Howdy gang. Going to have the families in Sargent for the 4th this year and since the sewer is being constructed, we never bothered installing a septic system.

Thus....lots of folks and....well.....you get the idea.

Has anyone rented one of these things down there? Will they drop it off and pick it up for you?? Not sure I know anything about it. Thanks in advance....


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Aqua Zyme in Sweeney did our crusade last year at Full Stringer Lodge in Matagorda. They got there on schedule and it worked out great. We had on handicapped and women and on for the men. Very affordable, call them, also my friend from Elementary school has dumpster service in Sargent. Its Caney Creek Refuge, his name is Billy Bob Mertink

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I've rented them from Aztec and BFI for jobs, If Luv2fish's contact does not work let me know.

I think they where around 75.00 a week, not sure if there is a minimum on that since I usually have them for a couple of months.


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luv2fish said:
OK they are in Van Fleck and the number is 1-979-245-5656
Van Vleck Laura, settle down! :smile:

Aqua Zyme for sure! They'll deliver and pickup for $106 a weekend! Cheapest around for pumping septic tanks too!
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