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FISHING REPORT- September 29-October 5

The lodge welcomed DW group in for the second day; with redfish being the main focus. Mud & grass continues to hold the best action while chunking live shrimp. I was busy on last Monday, guiding Frank G. and guest with lures and wade fishing. We located a few nice trout with Norton lures & top water early in the back lakes. Captain Jason took my trip over around noon, and to catch around 10 more specs. We did release about 8 undersized reds. Andy P. and guest were at the lodge for two days wade fishing using bait & lures. The second day produced good numbers of fish over mud, sand and grass. On October 1, we welcomed AR Co. and guest with a 2-boat trip on October 2. Fishing was fair with redfish being the main focus again. Tides really have these fish scattered in especially with the high salinity levels. October 3-4-5 we welcomed back the RRRC group of 24-guest for a 6 -boat trip. This years catching was fair, and we had to work for every fish landed. Several boats did well on reds, and I guided a party on Saturday. We released a 26" trout, and landed 8-10 reds and 6 trout. Best action was on Norton pumpkinseed sand eels, and plum chartreuse Norton bull minnows. We found the best bite over oyster shell near green and deep water.

With water temperatures only around 75-76 degrees throughout the entire day, I suggest setting up near ICW or deep water canals, for example, reefs near barge canals. These fish are falling into the deep-water overnight to seek warmer temperatures near a muddy bottom. Sunday evening we welcomed back TG and guest for an afternoon trip, and full day on Monday. After the Ike mess, we're finally getting very busy again with many boats running daily.


I lost my Mother last Monday, and received this terrible news while guiding a fishing trip. I want to thank Captain Jason Wagenfehr for taking over my trip. My wife and I want to thank so many people for calling and emailing during our tremendous lost. We appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks for all the prayers.


Bay Flats Lodge is seeking another full-time guide. If you or someone you know is seeking an excellent career in the guide business, please email or call. Being a member of Bay Flats Lodge may be the most difficult job you have ever had. It might also be the best job you ever had. If you have any of these characteristics, this job may be for you.

  • Communicate effectively
  • Have a good sense of humor and ability to have fun
  • Are flexible and easygoing
  • Are honest, responsible, and conscientious with a desire to carry out your job
  • Have high self-esteem and positive outlook on life
  • Enjoy working with people and genuinely care about their well-being
  • Are attentive to the needs of others
  • Willing to teach others
  • Be a good listener
  • A team player
  • Have the ability to work with others


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