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Port O'Conner

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I just got to San Antonio to pick up my grand daughter and head back to Galveston. I had a ball fishing with an old friend in Port O. He's got a sweet spot on the bayfront, so I just anchored my boat in front of their house for the last four days.

The dinner at The Spot was good and probably had 40 or so people at two long tables.

Saturday was a perfect day to run offshore or run to the beachfront and fish the surf. I didn't do either though. My buddy Johnny and I fished Saluria (sp) bayou and adjacent flats and points. My best fish Friday was 23 1/2". saturday the bite was late morning but we finally found some trout and my two best were both 24" and came on a black/silver 51MR. Right after those two I hooked up with a much bigger trout that came up and wallowed, ripped drag on two head-shaking runs. I felt one hook let go but still had her on then shortly nothing! Dang it!

Eric's fish fry was great though a bit late starting, so I ate fresh snapper and Grouper and went home to sleep. Sidecutter's fish fry was great(great job Jim) and grandpa's hushpuppies were the best I've ever had.
Pics later when I'm back in Galveston.........Mont made a surprise guest appearance as did Havens.
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Tired Out

Got in from POC today about 1:00 PM and I have to say that it was a very good weekend, A lot of folks showed up for the map party and most of them fished on Sat. We all got in late and the cookout was running way behind. I know that folks brought corn and potatoes and other stuff to cook but with the late start we wound up with fish, hushpuppies and Kabobs. I think everyone got full but we were all a tired bunch of fisher folks. I think everyone there had a great time and enjoyed POC. I have to say that I really had a good time fishing with Ray Jackson( Erics Grandfather ) and Eric. Thank you for inviting me to go on the GET WILD for an offshore trip. Ray is one dedicated Fisherman. Eric, you are very lucky to have someone like that to fish with. I had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone. The list of folks who attended is to long for my short memory so I will let them post up.
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