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Port O Offshore

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Alright, I'm all excited about the party at Eric's next week , not to mention going offshore....so speaking of offshore, hows the fishing out at the 500-600 lease blocks??? Anyone fished them here recently?? I fished port a this past weekend and overall it was pretty slow. We pulled rapalas and russells, drifted a few ribbons but never hooked up on them. We managed to boat 6 kings on plastics, lost three and lost a ling to a rattle trap under a ship. All the kings were on the small size, legal but small...hope the weather holds.......
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The 600 series rigs always seem to work for me when looking for snapper and everything else has failed. Can't say about this year though because I've been land-locked for 2 months. Good luck.
600's were slow this weekend....we did get 2 strawberry grouper and a few keeper snaps but it was tough fishing.
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