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Port Mansfield Sat the 3rd..

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Well this morning was a little different than yesterday, we woke up to an incredible morning and headed S out of the harbor... man the sunrise was incredible this am on the lower laguna madre...

Our first stop was way S... The wind was virtually calm again today and what would you know.. ZERO! Our second stop was in the green island area... what would you know... ZERO... so at this point we decided to go on a redfis hunt...pulling into a back bay even further S we found what we were looking for... We dropped anchor and tied on our spoons... BAMM Cappy Neu hooks up to a nice nice red... 26.5!... NEXT cast... BAMM ..... an even better red, after getting this one to the boat he was 28 on the money, WHERE ARE THESE FISH IN WHEN WE ARE FISHING TOURNEY'S???... a little further in our wade BAMM I hook a great eater at 21in. Barret, my future Bro In Law could only manage a few rats... we ended our wade with 4 really nice reds.. I know not a lot but much better than the previous 2 ZERO's.... Heading back over to the GI area we started a drift... Bamm I hook a nice healthy 18in eater trout... BAMM... Barret hooks a nice 23in red.... BAMM I hook a nice 23in red that Cappy Neu miss handles and will live another day for another angler.... after that drift we headed over to the pipeline and met up with MICKEY5978 and 2watelogged for a brief drift, BAMM 2 more nice eating trout and that was enough... headed to El Jefe's for lunch and then home to pile up for an afternoon nap... got back on the water at 5:30 with meeting up with Mickey and Ross again.... we picked a few more trout up on this drift and decided to call it a day...

the wind down here right now is just non-existent and the water is GIN CLEAR.. the fish are all scattered also... make for long and difficult fishing....

We are about to throw some half shells on the grill and have a nice dinner.

We will try them again in the morning...

PICS TO FOLLOW LATER when I get Danny's disk home!!!

God Luck to All...


No disclaimers this time!! LMAO..
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Jetties in Mansifield

Yall left to early from the jetties. Right after yall left we caught a 25' Spanish Mackeral, and a 43' King Mackeral both on a Super Spook JR.

Had fun with yall this weekend

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