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I returned from my little sojourn in Laguna Vista on Sunday night. I didn't get to fish as much as I'd hoped. The first morning there (Friday) I hit Holly Beach at day break with a bone skitterwalk, no luck. The wind picked up around 8:00 and put a little ripple on the water which turned out to be a blessing. I switched to a chartruese Tsunami minnow and that did the trick. I caught three reds from about 8:30 to 9:30, all released. The smallest, around 19", had five spots on his right side. If any of you guys go down there, Holly Beach Rd. is off of 510 and is the first dirt road after the big bad golf resort. Sure shocked me to see how much that area has changed. At times I thought maybe I'd went the wrong direction from Houston and ended up in Clearwater Florida. Took the boy down to the beach for his first dip in sea water that afternoon. He got a big kick out of it which I got a bigger kick out of. I also got some great footage of grandma playing with him in the surf. The next morning I went to the jetties with my step dad. We caught a mess of piggies and small pompano. Great place to round up offshore bait! Thanks again to Hop and Brother Bob for the advice. Bob, I did go to the Sea Ranch restraunt and it truely is the best restraunt on the island. I wish I could have partaken in the breakfest tacos. I wish I'd tried your spot on Saturday instead of the jetties, oh well there's always next time. Thanks again!
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