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Whats up hoss? You got your questions mixed up. More importantly is when to go, not where to go. I could ramble of about holes, spots, etc but your just playing with your rod if the time aint right. Look for moving water. Fish a slack tide and you waste your time. Estes flats can be real good, but also real busy. On moving tides youll see alot of boat anchored up in the cuts on Trailor, as well as all along the klondikes out by california hole. Personally i wont fish these cut for the reasaon of boat traffic, Yahoos, and the fact I dont like sittin and fishing. Summer patterns- fish will be more active during the morning and the evening as the shallow flats get hot quickly. during the day they will move to deeper water. Now by deeper I dont mean but about a foot or two. Drift fish over pot holes, around oyster beds where water is moving thru, Fish where ever there is bait, If bait is there your sure to find a predator.

On out going tides- the birds will be following the shrimp out of the bay , fish the birds and youll end up bending a rod or two.

Above all- you have to pay yer dues. You have to have a couple of skunks before you can bring home the bacon or fillet as it were.

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