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Port A tips needed

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My wife, son, my parents and myself are going to spend a week in the Channel Inn the 7th thru 14th at Port Aransas. Port A is an old stomping ground for my wife and me. We spent two weeks camping back and forth between Goose island State park and PINS right after we married. We fished the surf with live shrimp and lures and caught everything that swims in the surf that can be caught fishing with light tackle. Smacks, specks, reds, pompano, jacks(small) drum, and big a.. croakers. I never see a croaker on the upper cloast near as big as those down south.
Has anyone fished the beaches, piers, and jettys in the Port A to PINS area lately with trout tackle can and give any tips?
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We fished the intercoastal on Friday 6/9 around 1:30pm and nailed a bunch of keeper trout near marker #68. This lasted for about 1 1/2 hrs using live shrimp and a few croakers under popping cork. I even caught a few trout on a red head/white body tube bait I picked up frpm Bass Pro.
Another member of our team caught numerous bonito and rat reds at the jetties that Fri & Sat. Hope that helps and best wishes for the family outing. Looking forward to the report and pics if you can.
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