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Hey guys, just got back from 2 consecutive days out on the Dolphin Express by Dolphin Docks. Let me say this the seas are GREAT! We cruised that boat about 20 knots on the way out both days and about 25 on the way in. Less running time = more Fishing time.

Thursday we get on the boat with only about 19 people total. Not crowded and very nice. My partner and I ended up boxing 5 kings each (shared the overflow with others) with my 35ish pound king leading the boat for the day. We were fishing about 35 miles off over what the crew called "the rocks." The water was as blue as blue can be and about 11 am the water slicked over. The capt. said you could easily see about 80ft down. That was worth the trip by itself. Late in the day we sent down a rig with a perch on it and ended up catching several AJ's but a few throw backs and only 1 in the boat.

Friday came and we got on the full boat of 30. Because of the crowd and forseen tangles, we decided to send one of our rigs down for AJ's the whole day and the other to drift the ribbons for Kings. I put the first piggy in the water and was hooked up immediately to box the first fish and first AJ of the day. We ended up boxing out 1 AJ each both around 20 pounds. There were also 2 other AJ's caught on Friday. Very early into the day on Friday we see a sailfish go airborn about 100 yards off the boat. Next thing we know a guy is fighting to hold onto his reel. He fought the fish for about 30 minutes getting down to about 30 yards of line twice. I was actually pretty amazed that he landed it on a boat rod. The crew was great getting the sail in and holding it up for a quick picture then releasing it. It swam off fine and outside of probably being tired a bit, will live to fight another day.

Overall, Day 1 there was a limit of kings , 2 keeper AJ's and 2 BF tuna about 20 pounds each. Day 2, fewer kings with probably about 20 total or so (one going 43 1/2 pounds), 4 keeper AJ's, 2 BF Tuna, 1 Atlantic Sharpnose shark and 1 C&R sailfish. Great crew, nice boat, fantastic seas and a ton of fun. The buddy I took with me was on his first trip and I keep telling him he spoiled now for sure.

I will post pics as soon as I get them on my PC and if I can figure out how to post them.

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