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It was going off Sunday morning. The entrance to the jetty's looked like a drive-in movie. Heading out we counted 20+ boats hooked up (and that was only the one's we could count). We cleared the jetty's and dropped two trolling plugs and within 2 mins, both reels were screaming. King...King (15 lbers). Got them in, dropped lines again...wham. Same size. Saw the birds working an all-out blitz and picked up 3 bombers. Thought we were going to make a run this morning, but no need to. Headed to a couple snapper spots and no one was home, so trolled back toward the moored tankers and got my first smoker. 35 pounder (hey...it was a smoker in my book). Sunday was great.

Saturday proved to be a little sloppier than the wave forecast had predicted, but still, had a limit of kings by 10:00am...all in the 15 lb class. Went to a snapper spot and immediatly picked up two nice snaps before Jaws showed up. Came back in to the moored ships to see who was home and picked up a few kings which were set free to grow up.

***On another note*** we saw too many "careless" boaters "flying" through the masses at the jetties (I will say these were mainly bay type boats trying to make one of their limited runs offshore). I'll be one of the first to say that fishing within jetties is not the smartest place to fish with the work boats and tankers coming in and out, but not everyone thinks about the dangers of current, BIG rollers, wakes...and ships when they can take the family out in the 16' carolina skiff... (not too smart). Please be smarter than the guy next to you and take it easy when the conditions provide an opportunity you are not too skilled with.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Hope everyone had a good time.
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