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Port A State Snapper???

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We're headed down to Port A this Thursday and I'd like to find some state water snapper. Does anyone ever catch catch any keeper's at the published spots inside of state waters this time of year? I was thinking of trying Lone Star Reef, Boatmans, and the J&J Wreck since thats all the spots I have within 9 miles of shore. Any advice would really be appreciated. I can't wait till Rik's new book comes out!!!
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pilar said:
going out of packery how far do you want to run south ?
I wouldn't mind going 30 miles or so staying in state waters if I had some reliable numbers to go to. The only map I have to look at right now is Garmin Mapsource and it doesn't show much of anything inside 9 miles headed south. I'll take a look at Hilton's, etc when I get down to the boat tomorrow.

Is there a decent ramp to launch from if I trailer down to Packery?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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