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Fished Saturday, 8/14 around Ingleside and Dagger. Managed 3 trout, 3 reds, and a 22 inch flounder I caught on accident. All were caught on Norton Bull Minnows wadefishing. Sunday, 2 friends of mine drove down from Corpus and we hit my favorite flat in East Flats. The East wind was too bad to pole so we decided to wade again. We caught 1000 dinks, and one 24" red on the first wade. We packed up and went to a shoreline I usually pole and sightfish and waded it for the first time with good results. We caught 10 reds from 17-23". Bait of choice was top dog bone and Mardi Gras bull minnows. All fish were in knee deep to waist deep grass and mud. Water was exceptionally cool and had good movement. The best part was that I didnt sweat a drop all weekend.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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