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I fished by myself from 9am-1pm Sat and 7am-12pm Sun. I poled shorelines on the Estes Side of Traylor and lets just say everywhere I went there were hundreds of reds. The kicker was they were not hungry. I did manage to entice 6 reds on Sat. and 0 today. Had 20 or 30 fish turn thier noses at touts, spoons, plastic crabs, and DOA shrimp each day. I got pretty frustrated. The weather was beautiful with winds Sat 10mph and today, dead calm. I sweat my arse off this morning. I am going back this weekend armed with the flyrod and they will pay!!!. It was so calm this morning, that I ran my little skiff aground (which is hard to do) in front of about 100 boats stacked up on Traylor Island. Talk about embarrasing. I just stopped, spun up, and kept going like nuthing happened. LOL. I did hear of two or three thousand Blue Wave boats catching limits of Reds in California hole on bait. So I guess maybe they were hungry for the real thing. Till next weekend...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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