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Port A Outboard Tourney Report

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"TEAM DRAMAMINE" Rich Burkholder, David Mata & Ben Reyna from S.A. fishing aboard the 26' GB "VARMIT HUNTER" w/ Capt. Eric Strand out of Port Aransas had a very respectable showing in this past weekend's Outboard Motor Tournament with a 1ST place Sailfish, 1ST place Amber Jack, a nice Horse Eye Jack, a Mai Mai and a couple of kings over the 2 days. They also received the Team Sportsman Award for their excellent showing by the tournament committee. STAND BACK NON-BELIEVERS!


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great trip!!!
now that we're done pre fishing we need to hit that ROC in rockport this week ,
and get ready for TIFT.
Good job old buds!

Glad you guys took the trophy home! What else should I have expected! I think that Mai Mai must be very similar to the Mahi Mahi that we have around here...I'm proud of you guys... Good thing I wasn't anywhere near that Sailfish!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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