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I am trying to get an offshore fishing trip planned for the weekend of July 11. I have extensive offshore knowledge in the Freeport area, but none for Port Aransas. I usually will fish 5-20 miles offshore mainly targeting Kings, Ling, and Dolphin. My usual practice is to catch 3-4 dozen live mullet and get several boxes of cigar minows. I know that the Kings in Port A are fond of Ribbon Fish. Is this necessary with Live mullet? Also can anyone give me a heading or website with headings to get to double yellow. I will be running a 23 foot Kenner with a 225 optimax and 90 gallons of fuel so have a very good range for the misquito fleet. Any help for other good rigs or information would be greatly appreciated. Even any Snapper spots would be helpful. Feel free to PM to keep it a secret.

Last trip out of Freeport last year same time, Parked at one rig about nine miles out and went through two boxes of cigar minnows with about a 75% hookup ratio on the kings between three people. I don't fish enough offshore to spend the money on a gps or maps.
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