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Fished the North Jetty Thursday and Friday. Figured we could get away from all this Ike buisness and do some fishing! Well got to the Jetty's Thursday and fished for about an hour at the end. Caught six Spanish mackerel and five reds. All the reds were kind of small...16-19 inches. Mack's were good sized, all on shrimp under a popping cork on gulf side. Channel side was pretty rough. Saw guys drifting mullet and were hooking alot of big reds. Left to Rockport to sleep and get ready to fish to next day. Got to the jetties a little late (10:00) and fished the end. Caught smacks pretty consistantly on cut mullet. Guys at the very end started catching reds and getting double hookups. First cast...bang, big 36 inch red on live piggie perch. Hooked alot more fish in the next hour on cut croaker, but got cut off alot on the rocks (had to cast straight off the front of the jetty cuz the guys next to us had the "clean" corner.) Right before I left i figured i'd throw one more bait. Hooked something right off the bat, about three foot and silver jumping everywhere..yelling tarpon, tarpon!! Turned out to be a huge skipjack :/ Oh well..had a good couple days at the jettys and the reds are definently there! Water is great color on the gulf side and the channel side is pretty rough and kind of off colored.. TIGHT LINES!
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