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Came across this news report from Port A.

PORT ARANSAS - It's the story of the one that didn't get away. A few lucky fishermen near Port Aransas pulled in a giant shark Wednesday afternoon. The silky shark (wiki) put up a fight, and it took them hours to get it to the boat.

Dozens of people circled around this monster catch awed by the size of the silky shark. It was caught 30 miles off Port Aransas. It took several men more than three hours to reel in the shark which put up quite a fight.

"Just fighting it until pure exhaustion and then handing the real off to somebody else this is bigger than anything I ever expected to catch out here," said Stam Rummel.

"We were fighting for all it's worth, man it was huge," said Chris Reininger. It's was beginners luck. Two of the men who helped catch it had never been shark fishing before.

The shark was so big, it was too heavy to weigh on the scales. The folks at Captain Kelly's Deep Sea headquaters didn't waste any time carving it into steaks. But old timers who were standing around watching said it had to weigh at least 600 pounds.

To give you a general idea of just how big this shark is. It measures to 12 feet 8 inches long. That's over twice as tall as I am." It's definitely a big fish, one of the larger shark's ever caught in local waters.

The guys who pulled it in took plenty of pictures to back up their story about the big one that didn't get away.

"You've got to have pictures...they're not going to believe this," Reininger said.
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