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Had a longer report but my computer had a hiccup so here is the abridged version. Fished with JimN with the plan of heading SE instead of our usual NE heading in search of the AJ that has been eluding us so far. Blue water at 18 miles, no weedlines or rips to speak of.

Hit the 828 Reef to find the fish biting but we were unable to get solid hookups so we moved on. Tied up to the first rig and found Grey Snapper on the surface willing to eat so we obliged them with a tour of the ice chest. Not on the rig 15 minutes, Jim's flatline goes off and a 40"+ Bull Dolphin starts hop scotching in and out of the water. After a quick rig release and a short fight, in the chest he goes (JimN's largest Dorado to date). High fives exchanged, we retie. No more that 10 minutes after that, zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....again Jim's flatline goes off. Fish makes an initial run like the Dorado and then sounds. Another quick release and the familiar brown and white form is brought boatside. After a little bit of gaffing antics by yours truly, a 45"+ Cobia goes in the box. Another few fish were boated and then the bite cools off.

We move to another rig, boating another a few more fish and then another knockdown (guess who's rod???)! Jim starts a tug of war and the fish darts under the boat and cut him off on the rig. I got a quick glance and it appeared to be a 20#ish AJ...sorry Jim, wasn't no stinkin' Cuda'

Was a great time on the water, even if I did get outfished four to one :biggrin: !
Totals (give or take a couple fish)...In addition to the Dorado and Cobia...5 Grey Snapper, 2 Chubs (Jim swears they are good eats), 1 Cuda', 2 Blue Runners, 2 Rainbow Runners, and a Rock Hind Grouper.

The Dorado and Cobia were caught on freelined glass minnows. Snapper and Grouper on freelined cut menhaden. Rainbow runners on freelined cut blue runners.


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