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Has Your Power Been Turned Back on Yet? What Zip Code Are You In?

  • Yes, I got juice!

    Votes: 184 63.4%
  • No, Electric company hasn't gotten to me yet.

    Votes: 106 36.6%
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From the electric company I mean, not talking about generators. I'm in the Spring Branch area 77055 and we still got no juice! This might give some people hope for those without juice if other people are posting in their same zip code with power.

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They reported our power was back on Friday.....but NO!

Got a report that some of the boys working on getting our power back up had their personal trucks broken into at the motels they're staying at! What kind of sick **?????

My hats off to all the folks busting their butts down here! ;)

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I got power on Thurs 09/18 late night or early morning. I was one of the few that has it in Glenmont Estates off Roberts Cemetary Rd. Only a few in the front of the subdivision. All other past the creek and the downed pole has nothing.
1 - 20 of 151 Posts
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