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POCO Update?

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Any updates on the tourney? Billfish ???
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I heard a 500lb + came to dock Friday claiming the 30k first fish bonus. Do not know the boat name but it's owner is Appling who won the POCO last year
LMAO Gotta love Poco rumors! No fish weighed in on Friday! I repeat, no fish! Heard of billfish releases a big one that got away but that story will be had another day. No rain offshore but it was rough.
Well I thought I had A realiable source. Just wait till I get a hold of that knuckle head!!!
Captains Wife said:
Isn't the first fish bonus $50k?
I believe so.
My son drives down to party with some friends in Poco. Someone backs out and he get the "chance of a lifetime" as he called it.
Then he calls Fri. night. Said he had a 300 plus that broke off at the boat.
Well i'm sure he'll have plenty of fish stories and lots of memories. Blows my mind, 90 boats, biguns. Wish I were there.
ouch, that was fun, then it hurt, at the boat!
Who is Appling? I wonder if he is a client of mine (a ranch owner in South Texas)? His name is Hefner Appling. Is it the same guy?
Thats him. Hefner Appling Sr passed away this past week. Hefner Jr is fishing Poco .
The Appling in POCO is Wes Appling, Hefners nefew. No Blues brought to the dock, all calcutta money will be returned. Rough as #@&& and plenty of rain and lightning on Friday. Fishing was as slow as I've ever seen. Be carefull if you go out, all kinds of junk in the water. Came up on something bobing around on the way in., figured we could pull it up. It kept going up and down, up and down. Finely got hold of it. About 10 ft of dock w/ 6,4 x 4 post sticking up and all the rest of the planks still attached. Sure hope the bite turns on before ROC and TIFT.
Appling is out of El Campo as I remember, insurance, etc......
No blue, whites, or sailfish were on the board. We were they until they dismantled the scales.

Winning fish were:
Wahoo was a 71.5 lb. caught by the boat named Triple xXx (I think)
Tuna was a 53.5 lb. caught by the boat named Rock n Roll
Dolphin was a 55 lb. caught by the boat named All In

I'm sure of the weights, but not certain of the boats.
All In's Dolphin was 48lbs. I think Seay Goddess had largest tuna. Rock N Robin weighed in a tuna but I thought I saw Seay Goddess name on the tuna line. Hopefully somebody can clarify since they took the boards down so quick that by the time I got a chance to look again it was gone.

Congratulations to 2Cool's very own "Team Hydrocarbon"!!!

Nice follow up from their 2nd place finish in 2005 to tie for 1st place in 2007
Thanks MakoClay. It feels good to know "WE" are all winners this year!!!! Our fishery has been slow all summer. Rough weather, off color water the past few months, and not very many fish are being caught from Galveston down to Padre. It doesnt bode well to think 90 boats fishing 2 days and not a single marlin that would weigh?? Some of these boats have world known skippers and crew! Its not a bunch of weekend warriors running around in this event, except for us! We were in the right spot late on day 1 and all of day 2. We broke off a nice fish on day
Sorry about that. We broke off a nice blue on day one (not sure what cut the line but it was chaffed and cut about 100 feet above the double line. Day 2 we jumped off a small blue. Maybe next year!
Here are some pics from POCO

Pics from poco,sorry but i was find of far away and it was packed with people.


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