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Looks Like it was FUN

Missed Sunday Beach this year, was in POC but had a few things to do at the bay casa. Looks like I would have guessed it would be. WOW. Went out Sunday around 5:00 to fish and saw an endless string of boats comming back in from Saluria, the CC was pulling them over if they had more than a few folks or were running too fast. I'm sure some money was collected for the county library that day!

The bay was blown out by then, the beach front just a hair over my personal comfort level so we did a lot of running around and played POC tourist like everybody else !

Watched the fireworks from my driveway and got the heII off the street before the crowd started trying to get home. It was Crazy.

Nice to see someone was able to find fish, most folks had a hard time finding them in the bay, you have fished that area a few times before haven't you ?
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