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POC Offshore 7/24/04

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I had a long report written but my IE closed the window. Anyways, long story short: 7 keeper red snapper, 5 lane snapper, 10lb grouper and one big ugly 4'+ barracuda that kept snacking on our snapper before we could get them to the boat.

We went deep to 180'-200' of water and the current was too STRONG to fish. Best luck came in 100' of water. Lots of shrimp boats out to 250' of water and lots of scattered gass but no weedlines or patches.

Lots of boats were out there yesterday with most boats just running from rig to rig.

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I've noticed that when we take pinfish with us offshore they don't seem to produce for us either. The blue runners and bar jacks we pick up out there are guaranteed action though. Not sure why that is since I always hear the snapper, ling, dolphin and AJs can't resist a pinfish. Maybe it's because they are so much bigger than what we're catching inshore when they migrate offshore so they don't look right to the bigger fish?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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