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POC Nearshore on Saturday

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Some buddies and I decided to take advantage of the dead calm waters on Saturday after the bite died inshore. We headed about 11mi out of the POC Jettys to try for some kings. Made a few drifts with ribbons on a rig, but nada. Did however find a ton of nice sized bonita working glass minnows under birds. Spent a few hours playing "run and gun" and cathcing many, all were taken on bass assasins and 10lb trout outfits.. quite a bit of fun. I'm still PO'd I didn't have my 8wt fly-rod with me.. would have been easy pickens w/ a clauser minnow.. oh well.


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Oh man I bet the fight was awesome on the light tackle....I caught one on my big spinning rig and it fought harder than the 25# jack I caught the same day!!! Looks like a great time! I always say, "as long as it bites and fights" from "trash"fish to the glamour species.....
I had a guy with me caught school Dolphin on a trout rod using a top dog. He had a blast.
A few weeks ago some friends and I headed to the Sabine Lake Jettys, as we got to the LA side we could see some big pelicans and guls working. We headed over to the area to find a few glass minnows on the top. Two of us already had Shedogs tied on and started throwing the topwaters as the other two rigged up free lining mullet. After about 5-10 minutes of drifting and not bites we started to crank up when BAMM, a fish about 2'-3' hit one of the topwaters about 10 yards from the boat, it came for the lure about 5 yards from the boat then we could see it was something with a forked tail(i don't know my offshore fish very well). Was either a Ling or a Dolphin. Then a couple of minutes later a huge crash on my Shedog and down it went. I came up with a Gaftop about 24" long. That was the first Galftop I've every caught on topwaters. It was quit an exiting 10 minutes with those topwater bites.
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Thats awsome. Great story
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