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I'll be going offshore from Port O...weather permitting...the 21st, 22nd and/or 23rd of August. I don't fish in anything bigger than 4-6's. I'm not scared but bigger is just not fun.

If anybody wants to team up (share expenses) or buddy boat let me know. I'm looking at a max of 60 miles off looking for snapper, AJ and BF Tuna, mainly dropping over structure or behind shrimpers. Trolling is an option if the weeds aren't too bad. In case it's not obvious, I don't like reeling up lines to clean the grass off of them. I like reeling up meat.

Leaving the jetties at approx. 0600 and returning at approx 2000, but I could be talked into an overnighter with a buddy boat.

27' Proline with twin 200hp Oceanrunners,
PM with any interest. I'm going fishing anyway!
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