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You can tell if Trouthunter aka:cloud: is planning on fishing the Port O'Connor area just take a look at the weather forecast.:spineyes:
I thought he was in Port Mansfield:D

... Heavy rainfall possible through Saturday...

Numerous showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop throughout
south Texas through Saturday afternoon as an upper level disturbance
slowly approaches the area later today. Abundant moisture across the
area will create the potential for heavy rainfall. Thunderstorms are
expected to be slow moving and may redevelop over the same areas.
Many areas in the coastal Bend and Victoria Crossroads have already
received heavy rainfall over the last few days. An additional 1 to 3
inches of rain will be possible with isolated higher amounts to 5
inches through Saturday.

Remember to seek higher ground immediately if flooding is observed or
if a warning is issued. Never drive into water of unknown depth.

Stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio for the latest weather information.

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Why does all the red rain

want to park over your place. Is TH's boat in your driveway again ? Or do you need to change your nick name ?

Somebody do something !

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Send money and I'll plan fishing trips elsewhere, lol. Heck the Valley offered me free room and board if I'll come when called during a drought and stay away during times of important outdoor activities, lol.

You can't see my boat in his driveway because he made me put it in his shop...it's in that "stealth" mode that Tsip mentioned, lmao!

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