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Yeah, this isn't a bluewater question but....I'm taking the wife to POC on Sunday to just get out in the bay. Wife doesn't like offshore so to get her on the boat, we go to the bay.

I have a Trophy with a 2 foot draft and can't get real shallow. I will sometimes walk the boat to shallower water though.

Can anyone give me some decent spots for a non-bay boat that are fairly productive for trout and reds? I've fished POC bay area in this boat before and done ok but it sure would be nice to get a little more action.

I've fished the jetties before and haven't done much. I'm looking to anchor up at different spots and toss some plastics as well as keep a line on the bottom with cut bait or a live piggy. Will also be using some live shrimp. Will wade also.

Any input most appreciated.

I fish out of POC religiously but it's always offshore for the most part.

Spots and baits/techniques most appreciated, promise not to fish your spots out either. I usually only keep one nice fish or two.

Boat is Dreamchaser, give me a holler if you are in the area Sunday


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This time of year I would start at the main well in ESB with live shrimp. I don't know if the trout have turned on there yet or not, haven't done it in years, but the parental units still do. From there you can work any of the south shoreline of ESB, just idle in when the bottom comes up. This shoreline is all grass and sand, and is an easy wade area. There is also the midbay reefs in the middle of ESB. They are a little difficult to find the first time around, so you will need to consult a Top Spot to get a starting point as a reference. On the way back in, as you come out of the Ferry Cut, try fishing the opposite side of the ICW, the reds like to run right along the dropoff sometimes.

You can also run the channel markers out to Mitchell's Cut and anchor along any of the channel drops along the way out there to soak bait. Just make sure you stay inside the markers as it twists through the islands. You can take that boat out Saluria Bayou towards the Coast Guard ruins and fish that direction, but once you leave Saluria be cautious, as shoaling is prevalent in this area because of Pass Cavallo. I wouldn't attempt to take your boat out the other(opposite) end of Saluria, as soon as you turn the corner you get into shallower bay boat water.

These are some of the places I have taken our Robalo 2140 when we are fishing inshore.

Good luck and have fun,


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Onetime Experience in April

that has me taking wife and kids in July. Got to let them see the difference. (Galveston vs PO)

Didn't know the area and end up lauching at Charlies in Sea drift right into the IC canal. Went right and noticed a small Jetty on left which is into ESB. We tossed shrimp under cork and found Trout and Reds two days in a row. (Triple limit of both the 1st day and a good mix the 2nd) Got to get back there.


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I hope it's not too late..

I just heard from some buddies that fished today @ POC and they have a boston whaler and they said that with all this water coming in from the rivers, it has forced this fish to the south shoreline... They had 4 guys and pot licked it from the boat and caught 17 keeper trout and said that if they initially went to the south shoreline in the morning they might have had limits... Just a thought and good luck...
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