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Well obviously 13(todays date) was not a lucky number for us. Headed out the jetties this morning to a little chop on top of swells but little wind. First stop 20 miles out produced maybe a throwback snapper and a couple of flippers swimming around the boat. One of them was missing its dorsel fin(appeared like it had been cut off) but that it didn't seem to affect is ability to swim or eat. Trolled ballyhoo for a few miles over to another rig with nothing but wet baits to show for it. Nada again on several drifts. Flipper followed us over there as well. Headed south towards another rig and saw some broken seaweed and I saw a small(5lb) dolphin in the water. So lines back out and did some more trolling with even more wet baits to show for it. Next rig slowly started to produce snapper. I managed to put 4 keeper snapper in the boat and lost 2 to a large barracuda that was hanging around the boat. I managed to wrestle the head away from one 'cuda incident and needless to say that it would have been a nice keeper snapper. Oh well. We did see several undersized ling around the boat, but they only ate the squid without a hook in it. All in all it was a pretty slow day. Water was nice. Decent blue water at about 10 miles. No weedlines or patches.

Not sure if we're gonna hit it again later this week or not. Pretty long day with only 4 fish to show for it.

On a side note...POCO BUENO is about to get into full swing. The million dollar boys have been showing up since Monday. Some day I keep telling myself

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Fished offshore PO'C Sunday and Monday, starting at the first platform NE of jetties about 8 miles and worked my way out as far as the Ace rig at 17 miles. Picked up kings to 30 lbs and had schools up to a hundred fish follow them to the boat in several locations. Make quick bottom drops at every other wellhead in the area with nothing to show for effort. Saw a few ling and caught a 45 incher after feeding every kind of bait and lure imaginable to him for over thirty minutes. That stubborn fish could'nt pass up some fresh shrimp heads.
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