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This was a good one. A limit of kings (4) and a half dozen Spanish at the jetties and had them bled, gutted and iced by 8. Out to rigs for snapper which was a little slow but still managed some respectables plus a grouper and cuda in about an hour. Too hot to stay still so out to the weather buoy for a tuna hunt. Worked down to the southeast edge of the 39 fathom bank (300') and found enough weed clumped together with a clear edge to fish. First pass and my big daddy reel went off like a train hit it! I had just about enough time to think that I was either gonna get spooled or melt the reel when that empty feeling that we hate so much ended the fun. Reeled in to find my double line shredded a few inches above where the swivel used to be. That puts it about 10 feet mas o menos above the lure. The line is frayed for a couple inches above the break and looks like the curly ribbon on a kid's birthday present. What do you guys think, somebody bit my new black sampo or the tail of the blue express got me? Anyway, we were a little frazzled after that one. Put on another blue and white Alien and made another pass. Boom, same rod. This time it was a 15-ish dolphin that made quite a show of himself. Gaffed him, threw him at the already full box. He bounced out before I could slam the lid on him, popped up and slapped my partner silly and rebounded back out of the boat snapping the bite trace on the lure. Somehow he had gotten off the gaff (shoulder shot, he should survive) slice my arm, bit my buddy's leg and got away after being half in the box. Let that be a lesson, no matter how bad it looks, never give up! Stunned, we looked at each other and the mess we had just made before an avalanch of cussing and laughing broke out. Slapped on another lure and made another pass. Dolphin double and when we got them to the boat half the dolphin population in the Gulf came with them. We filled our proposed limit (10 each) on bay gear before the smoke cleared. Sometime in the middle of all that a 4' silky showed up to see what all the excitement was about. On a longshot I threw him a freelined shrimp with no trace. Stuck him in the corner and had quite a ride. After about 30 minutes of housekeeping and ice chest management we decided to leave the tuna for another day; there was no more space or enough ice to deal with their hot bodies. We had fished far enough south to run across the seas going in without too much quarter splash and that made the decision easier. A funny thing happened when I got home. I was no longer cussing my too small fish coffin! Processing fish for a lot longer than it takes to catch em will do that.
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