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I got a pair of Ray Guard Reef Boots from David. He said that the boot had been slightly redesigned and I was able to get my size 9 foot with waders (Simms) into a size 11 boot.

Before this boot I had first got a size 10 Reef Boot from David and took it home to try on with waders. It put too much pressure on the top of my foot, a rather tight squeeze.

I took my waders over to Academy in Sugar Land and tried the size 11 Ray Guard Boot with the guards built on to them. These boots also put too much pressure on the top of my foot so I was skeptical that David's pair of 11's that he had to order for me and took a couple of weeks to get in would fit any different. Well they did.

So now I have the Reef Boot separate from the Ray guards in a two piece setup. David recommended this setup so that you could wade in the winter without the Ray guards.

I have not waded with them yet. If I have problems then I'll report again.

Reading the thread on stingray hits made me decide to get them after over 30 years of wading the coast without incident. Just decided to play it safe.

Tight lines,
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