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I saw this on another forum, have not seen it here, sorry if its a repost. Most of the members there are from the DFW area so it kinda hit home when I saw where this kid was from...

Hello Everyone,
I have a very special prayer request. One of Christian's friends,
Peyton (7), has a terminal brain tumor. He is now transitioning
from BISD to hospice care. This is a very difficult time for
everyone who knows him. He is a very sweet little boy we know
through Boy scouts. Our church has provided him with a prayer
pager. Every time someone calls, it will vibrate, and he will know
that someone is thinking of him and praying for him. It would be
wonderful if this pager went off all the time. The number is (979)
239-0357. When you call, there will be three beeps. Enter your zip-
code and press #. Peyton will get a page with the zip code. We
want him to know that people near and far are praying for him.
Please help us "blow this pager up." And please, forward this to
anyone who might like to help a little boy know how much he is loved.

Brazoswood High School
9th Grade Campus


Wish the hull of my boat was wet!
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Prayer and page sent.
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