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Please pray...

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My wife and I are expecting our second child and first son this December. We had an ultrasound done yesterday, 6-6-6, and discovered a problem. He diagnosed him with a condition called Omphalalocele. Basically not all the organs in the lower body formed inside the body cavity. Some of them are enclosed in this sack that is protruding from the belly. The cord is attached to this sack instead of directly to the body. There are numerous serious complications with this condition and pray that none come up. If this is the only problem it can be repaired after birth. In 3 weeks we will have more answers but this is what we know for now. Just keep my wife and I in your prayers.... Have to give it to God at this point.

To top the morning off I went to my truck after leaving the doc's and found my truck broken into with several things missing. Not a good Tuesday for us!

Thanks again,

Mike and Liz
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One time Jesus and His disciples were walking and came upon a blind man. The disciples asked Jesus, "Why is this man blind? Is it from past sin of his or his parents? (paraphrased) Jesus answered,"Neither one. It is to show Gods power."
Rest in God....know without a doubt that He is in total control of this. There have been times I have even asked God "why?" myself. Trust in His choices to do and create things and people certain ways. Normal and not. We will never understand everything He does...or allows to happen, but I do know...in ALL things...Give thanks. Not FOR all things...but IN all things. There is not one sparrow that falls to the ground that God does not know of..and even the hairs of your head are numbered, though some of our hairs aren't as numbered as once.
That baby is EXTRA special and God will take care of y'all's hearts. Even when things hurt the MOST....tell God He is Good...and give Him praise and just love Him...even when painful tears are running through your heart and down your cheeks......in the middle of the pain...and praise...He WILL comfort you and CARRY you through.......Trust me...I know !!!
I love you my Brother...and Sister !!!
In Christ's service.........
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Fear is an enemy.

Heavenly Father, give peace of mind and confidence to these two loving parents. Give them the sense that all will be well and the doctors will perform beautifully and that their baby will grow up healthy and happy. In Jesus name, amen
Prayers sent.
Be thankful you are in Houston. If it can be done medically it can be done in Houston.
prayin Mike....God has seen bigger problems.....
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers , I know how you feel. I agree with Sow Trout ..
We have never been as Christ like as when we were infants. Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding. God will see all things through and has the perfect prescription for all of out troubles. Remember faith first and "when two or more are gathered in My name" Lots of believers here. We're believing that God will be gracious and merciful.

God bless you all. I'll keep praying for you too.

Keeping you in my prayers, God Bless ya.
Headed ^
In my prayers
Mike and Liz,

In the days when my children were born, this problem wouldn't have been noticed until AFTER the child was born. How marvelous that we have the technology to detect these conditions early, so the doctor will be prepared for what is needed as soon as your son is born. Praise God for that. Turn every concern into praises to God.

Heavenly Father,

I thank you for Mike and Liz's new son. Hold your hand of blessing over him all of his days. Lord, I pray that you will perform surgery on this child while he still is in the womb. Let his internal organs be turned back inside as they should be. Let his development continue on a steady pace, and let this child be born perfectly normal.

Father, do for this child the things that only you can do.

What love you show toward us. How you cherish and protect us. How you long for us to love you and trust you. In all things, Lord, may we give you the praise and glory due your name.

In the precious name of Jesus I pray. Amen.
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Prayers on the way Mike. Keep us posted.
Prayers sent.
Mike I have had one of those weeks too. I will add you guys to my prayer list. God's speed.
Mike and Liz, you are both in my prayers. God bless you.
Sorry to hear about this. We'll be keeping a good thought for the little one and you & the Mrs.

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